Picone Scarpe – Craft shoes entirely handmade

The artist of the shoe

A life that looks like a fairy tale. Relocating from Frasso Telesino (BN) in 1970 in Tuscany with his family, he began working in the footwear industry at only 15 years. A shoe factory in Monsummano Terme was his gym training to become the artist of the shoe. After thirty years of work has completed a dream he had in a small corner of his heart: open an old style craft shop in Pieve a Nievole.

After few years of work on his own, Lucio has purchased a target customer based on very important people of sport and entertainment and he is considered one of the best artisans in Tuscany.

He continued to experiment with new solutions for a quality shoe that meets the approval of a medium-high public. Unsatisfied by an industrial production, PICONE decided to put into practice important techniques such as Goodyear and Norvegese. These methods give the footwear comfort and durability, and also working Norvegese is enhanced by various external seams and braided linear point, a new technique has been studied by him to enrich the shoe on the outside, combining mignon leather and twine, forming a kind of embroidery.

Lucio is a true artist because it is he who chooses the leather only of excellent quality, selects colours and advises its customers the right combination. A successful challenge thanks to the tenacity, to the ongoing work and love for their craft.


The creation of the shoe

Lucio Picone on TV